Life in the Gardens…

The summer is easing its way through, leaving behind the last of the tomatoes, potatoes to harvest, miellies that survive to be picked, basil in abundance, some lonely leeks, the last sowing of bush beans, surprising grenadillas and pomegranates, and an accumulation of spent vegetable materials, including the remains of Kiepie’s sunflower avenues, which have brought colour and life to indoor gloom.  What continues are beds of spinach, spring onions (beautiful but unwanted), freshly planted sweet potatoes, aubergenes, green peppers, and lettuces being grown in the Nursery for all round-the-year use.

Beds are being cleared (with enthusiastic student labour), compost rows are swelling, and a tidy calm threatens the garden’s natural disorder.  Beds will now be prepared for successive sowings of carrots, beetroot and spinach.   The remaining beds will be sown with green manure – probably lupins and oats or black-eyed peas.  The aim is having all beds cultivated.

With Francie’s departure, we are reduced to three gardeners, which means some re-organising of tasks and simplifying our planting programme (more “field crops” to fill beds and keep Matilda happy).   Tracy is our in-house marketing entrepreneur.

The Woodland is surviving the heat and the extending drought thanks to Quinga’s continuous watering.  We will address the fatalities as soon as we are able and the land is in recovery.  We look forward to that and to the gentle (or not so gentle) fall of rain on what surrounds us.  In the meantime, Louise is patiently enhancing the Labyrinth and planning its integration into the adjacent HOA “heap”, to be planted.


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