April in the Lynedoch Gardens…

Spinach, Basil, Leeks, Parsley, Green Peppers, Brinjals, Rocket, Lettuce, Coriander, Chives, Mint. (see our PRICES page to get costs)

We have moved through late summer harvesting into preparing beds for winter. We have begun to sow green manure / cover crop in some beds. This was accelerated by the donation of seeds by Cecile (student on a recent module) who shared purchases for her own garden from Living Seed. So the sowing programme has been kicked off with Black Oats, Yellow Clover, and Serrandella. The more to follow will include multiple sowings of Lupin to provide a patchwork of winter colour and valuable nitrogen to the garden.

The beds which are not sown with green manure (about half the area) will be sown with carrots, beetroot, turnips, and planted with cabbage, leeks and spring onions. It is intended to maintain this balance of cultivation throughout the year, which will offer good crop rotation and be labour efficient (deploying our gardeners along with student “community work”).

At this time of writing, the rains had arrived, and with them, much relief and not a little rejoicing among the gardening classes. Kiepie can relax around his seedlings, and Quinga untie himself from the end of the Woodland hose. Repairing the effects of drought on our trees and shrubs, particularly around the buildings, can now commence. We can look forward to the resurrection of the Wetland in all its interesting diversity.

We must also give increased attention to plant propagation by cuttings and seed harvesting. The most recent enhancement to the Woodland has been the planting of the heap of top-soil / rubble dumped from sites being developed in the Village. The Labyrinth created by Louise will soon be joined by a second, alongside, and integrated into an area to include the heap and an extension of the Woodland paths.


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