Garden Notes – April 2015

We are presently coming to the end of a long dry summer season (including the driest April on record).  The Vegetable Garden has been maintained with great dedication to plant irrigation. The Woodland has struggled to hold its own, in spite of sustained efforts to water young trees battling heat and wind. The rains are due and recovery will follow but rehabilitation will be needed.

We are in transition on many fronts.  The new Constructed Wetland for site water treatment  is now established and has replaced the Vertically Integrated Filter.  It is planted-up and operating effectively.  The filtrate is being recycled for toilet-flushing in the Village, and for Woodland irrigation.  Further refinements to the system are planned.  This includes site drainage work and planting of trees to secure the new fence-line.

The major disruption to the Garden, caused by the new infrastructure installations, is being remedied.  Fresh vegetable beds are being created.  These will include work spaces for a Farming Apprenticeship Programme to commence mid-May.  This will be resourced by a recommissioned second bore-hole to service  the additional irrigation  requirements of this extension to the vegetable garden. Much is expected of the coming rains, to green parched areas, and refresh plants, birds, and other creatures, including garden visitors.


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